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Surf Rental Equipment-  A  unique delivery service that Surfboard Rentals San Clemente is now offering by text or appointment only. We can deliver and pick up your choice of softtop ,epoxy  surfboards, and wetsuits so that you can have all the fun in the surf without all the hassle of finding the right surf shop or worrying about picking it up and dropping it off process.We will save you time and money all with never having to leave your beach house, vacation rental or where ever you may be in San Clemente ,Dana Point or San Onofre. We Come to You

Surfboard Day Rates are for 24 Hours 

$20 Softtop $30 Longboard/Fun or Shortboard

2 Days $ 30 softtop / $50 Longboard/Fun or Shortboard 

3 Days $45 softtop / $65 Longboard/Fun or Shortboard

7 Days $100 softop  / $105 Longboard / Fun or Shortboard

Wetsuits 24 Hours

1 Day  $15 

2 Days $25

3 Days $35

7 Days $70 

SUP Day Rates  24 Hours

 1 Day $40 

 2 Days $80

 3 Days $120

 7 Days $250

Bodyboard w/Fins Day Rates  24 Hours

 1 Day  $15 

 2 Days $30

 3 Days $45

 7 Days $100




We offer a full selection of rental surfboards ranging from 5’8 to 12'4. Our boards are Soft & Epoxy boards so you get the true feeling of surfing. We also offer wetsuit rentals and we have several in most sizes for the whole family.

Surfboard Rental Reservation Form 

Reservations made at least 48 hours in advance are highly recommended as it makes it more likely that you will get the surfboard you want, when you want it.  To reserve your surfboard, just go to our make a reservation page and fill out the information in the form.  Please use this form only if you are making a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.  For reservations  sooner than 24 hours please give us a call at (949) 369-7873.  Last minute surfboard requests will be processed as soon as possible and are subject to board availability at the time of the request.We also offer a delivery service to any beach,hotel, vacation rental or campsite from Dana Point to San Onofre.


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