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Private Surf Lessons-The Original OG San Clemente 369SURF shop since 2003

''From proper coaching to equipment, the team at San Clemente Surf Lessons gave everyone confidence, developing beginners into actual surfers''  Alex Goulet-Vans Vancouver,Canada

$85 1 Hour private surf lesson

$120 1.5 Hour private surf lesson

$140 2 Hour 1 person private surf lesson

$180 2 person 1.5  Hour private surf lesson

10-20 minute Beach Instruction

Paddling Technique , Pop Up & Dropping in 

Balance, Duckdiving & Wave Judgement

Certified Local Professional Surf Instructor

Soft Top or Hardtop Surfboard & Wetsuit included in all private lessons

GoPro or Professional Photography ,Bottled Water , Concierce Service

Surf anytime from sunrise to sunset (weather,tide & swell permiting) 

Group Cost

All Lessons are private focusing on each individual surfer
2 Person private surf lesson $90 per person / $180 2 Hours 
3 Person private surf lesson $80 per person/$240 2 Hours (2 Instructors)
4 Person group lesson $75 per person/$300 2 Hours (2 Instructors)
5 Person group lesson $75 per person/$375 3 Hours (2 0r 3 Instructors)



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