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Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals - 949-369-7873  

$40 4 hours

$50 6 hours

$60 24 Hours

All rentals require valid ID or Passport Credit Card or Cash deposit  offers a rental delivery service. We will deliver to any beach,hotel or vacation rental.

Deliveries require $40 Minimum

$25 drop off and  pick up fee

Drop off and Pick up Times are approximate and subject to change without notice some delays may occur.

Condition of Surfboard & Wetsuit upon Return. The Renter shall return the Surfboard to the designated return area clean and in the same condition as it was in when given to Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the surfboard or wetsuit during the rental period. To the extent that damages to the surfboard or wetsuit exceed the amount of the security deposit, Renter shall be billed by Company for the full amount of damages caused by Renter during the rental period..Assumption of Risk. Renter acknowledges that the activities for which the Surfboard are designed include inherent dangers, including the risk of bodily injury and/or death.Renter is responsible for any theft or damage and shall return equipment on time or or be charged in full.This includes visible dings on surfboard,broken leashes, ripped wetsuits and not returning on time of store hours.Renter assumes and accepts all risks associated with the art of Surfing.Renter has read and understands all of the terms & conditions. ALL SALES ARE FINAL









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